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Welcome to Qubespace.
For personal reasons this place has been under threat of closure for quite some time. So first a heartfelt thank you the person who provided this latest stay of execution, and who requested to remain anonymous.
Thanks to you I have retained a spark of faith in human nature. Yours was an almost inconceivable act of human kindness without expectation of gain, reward or recognition. The very definition of true altruism. So once again thank you.

[ Jannu. Semper Fidelis. 20/09/1996 - 03/05/2012 ]
This is a personal site so visitors are warned there is no set subject or purpose for it, content may be organized but it may well be disjointed and varied.

and now some more latin
  1. bonum ex malo non fit (Good Does not come from evil)
  2. actus me invito factus non est meus actus (the act done by me against my will is not my act)
  3. acta non verba (Deeds not words)
  4. agere sequitur credere (action follows belief)
  5. annus horribilis (horrible year)
  6. audio hostem (I hear the enemy)
  7. canis canem edit (dog eats dog)
  8. circulus vitiosus (a vicious circle)
  9. semper fidelis (always faithful or always loyal)
about the site design
Sadly the days are gone where I would design a web site from scratch. So this site has been built using a free template, all requested links and comment lines remain in place at the request of the original designer.

              The beauty of pre designed templates is that you can simply populate the design with your own content, or if you are able to, or just feel like it, you can tweak in code edits or new images etc to express yourself more fully

              Once the content is in, you simply upload to your server and have a nice shiny new web site all ready to go

              This particular design should work in most browsers - IE5, IE6, Mozilla, Opera and Netscape to name a few.


a little about me
Rather than opening that particular can of worms I guess I will keep it short and simple.

"Broken, old and taken".

Special thanks to my wife for her patience, help and tenacity.
Without her this site would not have been possible.
about this template
This template design was created by Vacant (Chris Blunden) for Open Web Design and requires an included link to Florida Vacation Homes for it's free use.